Van Gogh's BridgeVan Gogh's BridgeRolling OnRolling OnFerros DreamFerros DreamComes AshoreComes AshoreWho We Are
V a n   G o g h ' s   B r i d g e
V a n   G o g h ' s   B r i d g e   -   v i e w  2
R o l l i n g   O n
R o l l i n g   O n   -   d e t a i l
F e r r o ' s   D r e a m
F e r r o ' s   D r e a m   -   d e t a i l
C o m e s   A s h o r e
C o m e s   A s h o r e   -   d e t a i l
W h o   W e   A r e
p u b l i c   w o r k s :   1        2
s t a t e m e n t

The built environment has enormous potential to affect the peoples who experience it firsthand. My interest in ancient architecture and the long history of architectural embellishment were the inspiration of my first works in the public domain, "Flight", "Ferro's Dream." I strive to incorporate some visual element of building or place into the artwork. In a piece like "Comes Ashore," the place or location as well as the building's use became the design engine. In this case, the gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea were the exciting places to draw on. To encourage the neighborhood to take ownership is pivotal to the success of a work. "Who we are" is my visual interpretation of various stories from residents of the area. "Public Art" is emerging as an art form which may prove to be a new paradigm of contemporary art.
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