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T y m o n
Y a t o o   -   f r o n t   v i e w
Y a t o o   -   r e a r   v i e w
G i v i n g   T r e e
G i v i n g   T r e e   -   r e a r   v i e w
G i v i n g   T r e e   -   v i e w  3
M y g o n
M y g o n   -   d e t a i l
T a u k k u
T a u k k u   -   v i e w   2
a d o b e   w o r k s :   1
s t a t e m e n t

My fascination with architectural ruins of long gone cultures leads me to consider, What is permanent? This has proved to be an issue with many fingers. Decay is one which I have employed with this work. Nothing made by hands is permanent. So these works, like all things, are in an ever changing stage of falling apart. They take on a life of their own.

Unlike our brothers around the world, we Americans cannot find the beauty in things old, crackling and faded. In Japan, wabi sabi is a cultivated appreciation of these phenomena. The Italians, and most Europeans, have turned necessity into treasure uncountable. Most of these adobe works are in response to a particular feature of the landscape or architecture.
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