My work examines cultural and personal perceptions about beauty and permanence. These ideas are embodied in the large site-specific ephemeral works. Through the qualities of the sublime embedded in the stabilized earth and the natural dynamics of the weathering process the work exposes the myth of permanence and the beauty of a patina of age. My intention is to evoke a poetic play between our bodies and the built environment.

The process of working with materials of earth, water, pigment, sticks and glass are imbued with meaning that originates from my study of the ceramic arts and ancient architecture. The earth has memory, which adds to the context of a particular work. When creating the large, site-specific adobe pieces, I try to use deposits of clay and earth that are located as close to the structure as possible.

I have created a crude form of fresco painting that I use on the adobe walls in order to create a sense of interior vs. exterior. This duality becomes a metaphor for the self.

I make use of clay; both fired or unfired, juxtaposed with various materials and recognizable forms in order to emphasize the temporal nature of the visible world and to signify the energy that supports it.

In more recent works I have layered current ethical issues into the work, particularly our collective social actions and systemic relationships between our collective view of justice and the cultural view of self.